Last month during E3 2021, Square Enix unveiled the reissue of the top six Final Fantasy on PC, iOS and Android. These are improved versions but faithful to the originals and will replace other versions of mobiles that had been criticized for important artistic changes. One of the criticisms, regardless of the chosen text source, is that they are not confirmed for consoles; it seems that Square Enix hasn’t totally ruled out launching them if there is “enough demand.”

In a series of questions and answers in Japan Square Enix has reviewed some of the features of Pixel Remaster: from the new sprites by Kazuko Shibuya, Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack with arrangements, better sound effects or gameplay balances to make the experience more fair. It is also stated that if there is enough demand they will carry Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster to other platformsAlthough it is not mentioned if it is related to the sales of these reviews.

The games of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster They will also include the option to listen to all the music of each game from the beginning, art galleries with almost all the illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano and a record of the monsters that we have encountered, with their location on the map. They will be keyboard and pad compatible.

Some games for fans and new players of the saga

The first three Final Fantasy launches on July 28 -with Spanish translation- and the rest later. According to Square Enix, “longtime fans and new players will be able to immerse themselves in six timeless masterpieces with unique stories of pike adventures.”

The E3 2021 event was accompanied by Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, an action game developed by Team Ninja, although no Final Fantasy XVI or the second episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

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