Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier is in a closed beta phase, which has allowed leaked gameplay of this battle royale free to launch on mobile devices with iOS and Android. As you can imagine, it is an online multiplayer title similar to so many other games of the style, with a first and third person view, but inspired by the universe of Final Fantasy 7, their locations and characters. In addition, it will have a style system that allows each user to define their own way of playing through skills and improvements that will be unlocked.

It is a different project from other remakes, for console or mobile, and that is precisely the intention of Square Enix: attract a new mobile audience who may later be interested in the role-playing experience, becoming the gateway to the rest of the games of Final Fantasy VII Series, a nomenclature that serves as an umbrella for all these new projects. And among the most popular genres of mobiles -and other platforms- we find the battle royale of accin.

Mobile players will also have their RPG, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Mobile players who wish a more classic game and faithful to the Final Fantasy 7 original will also have their title: Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, an episodic remake covering the first game and the story arcs of other products, such as prequels and sequels. Be free but with micropayments in the form of porridge for weapons. In total, the story will be divided into 10 chapters, the third in which we play the flight from Midgar -just the end of the PS4 and PS5 remake-, and one of those chapters will tell precisely the story behind Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier.

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