Square Enix has updated Final Fantasy VII Remake to allow the passage of the save game on PS4 to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the PlayStation 5 version that launches on June 10. This action is done in a simple way: once the patch is downloaded, a new option will appear in the main menu that allows you to upload the saved game and prepare it for Intergrade; you can upload as many as you want, but one by one. The trophies won will also be transferred, although it is noted that the notifications may reappear – and all in succession. Then with Intergrade On PS5, you can do the opposite process, download the saved game and continue with the adventure.

Final Fantasy VII Remakand tendr one free update on PS5 that will add various performance improvements, such as 60fps mode, changes in textures, lighting and more. However, this will only apply to the purchased version of PS4, not the one offered as part of the PS Plus subscription. We must also distinguish the obtaining of the DLC starring Yuffie: in the case of buying Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PS5 is included, but with the PS4 update it needs to be purchased separately.

INTERmission, Yuffie’s new adventure

Yuffie, who was a character that did not appear in the part of the story that covers the first episode of the remake, will star in an infiltration mission that will allow meeting new characters and the return of some who had appeared in other spin-offs. The objective is to enter Shinra’s facilities to get hold of a powerful matter. And for this he will not only make use of his stealthy ninja skills, learned in Wutai, his hometown, but also have powerful attacks when he has to fight openly.

There will be some novelties in the combat systemWell, now we will only directly control Yuffie. He will be able to throw ninja stars, something that is combined with his remote ninjutsu powers that can be modified and improved with elemental powers of fire, ice, lightning or wind. Also have two special abilities: Banishment, a power that does more damage depending on the amount of ATB previously spent, and Windstorm, which creates a gust of wind that damages enemies.

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