Square Enix has shown a new extended version of their video with the enhanced features of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and PS5. Although it does not offer anything especially novel compared to what we already know, the montage includes three new minutes of scenes from this version to be available June 10, as a free update for buyers of the game on PS4 – not since the PS Plus version that subscribers can download this month – or as a game for PS5 with the new content starring Yuffie.

“Don’t miss the extended version of this video and immerse yourself like never before in the city of Midgar with improvements to textures, lighting, and background elements“Says Square Enix. The comparisons present the new fog effects, a greater number of points of light and ultimately, a more realistic look and closer to a CGI movie.

Among the highlights is the new graphics option for prioritize visual quality with 4K resolution or performance, prioritizing fluency at 60 fps. Other novelties are the new photo mode to pause the action, modify the camera and the filters. Also take advantage of the DualSense’s hepatic feedback, the PS5 controller, and the loading times have been optimized.

A new story with Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie, who did not appear in the part of history that covers this game -in the original appeared outside of Midgar-, stars in the new Intergrade content. Your mission: infiltrate the Shinra Power and Electricity Company to steal the supreme matter and restore glory to their homeland, Wutai. Meet new characters, allies and some other enemy that fans of the saga will recognize. The combat system brings some changes -combos with Sonon-, bosses and other news that we review in our advance of the game.


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