Final Fantasy XIV is going through one of its most golden moments, despite the fact that it has been 11 years since the original game debuted on computers. This MMORGP invites players to immerse themselves in the magical world of Final Fantasy to live all kinds of adventures accompanied by other users. While the game broke records for concurrent users on Steam last week, now its next expansion is garnering more attention than the previous one: Endwalker is registering 160-180% more bookings than Shadowbringers. This next content will be available in Spain and around the world on November 23, both on PC and PS4 (the PS5 version will arrive in April).

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker attracts more attention than Shadowbringers

The data comes from a recent broadcast focused on the video game Final Fantasy XIV (va ResetEra), where director and producer Naoko Yoshida revealed that he has seen 160-180% more pre-orders from Endwalker than from the 2019 expansion, Shadowbringers. In this sense, Yoshida also pointed out that the community of this title has grown so much that Square Enix is ​​considering making “a multi-million dollar investment” to expand and upgrade servers. However, this will not happen until the end of the year, on the occasion of version 6.0. The game has more than 22 million registered users.

Apart from this intention of investing in the title, it must be remembered that Square Enix has at least five more years of content planned in order to FF14; and they are already raising the possibility of updating the graphics engine “someday”. That said, everything points to the world of Final Fantasy 14 will continue to expand and establish itself in the sector. As we mentioned before, the fact that certain streamers have started playing seems to have helped more users to decide to put their feet in this proposal: it reached a maximum peak of 47,000 players on Steam.

Endwalker: What can we expect?

The update that is grabbing all the attention from users is the fourth expansion of the game, and it comes to raise “a new beginning” of history. The Warriors of Light will have to pack their bags to travel to Hydaelyn and the moon. In the playable, the content will raise the maximum level up to 90, also adding new areas such as Garlemald (and its capital Thavnair) and the city of Radz-at-Han. To know all the details of its content, we invite you to read our article.

Endwalker be available on November 23 on PC and PS4, while PS5 will arrive in the month of April (it will be free for owners of the PS4 version).

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