Final Fantasy XIV is more alive than ever. The MMORPG, which debuted 8 years ago, continues to count on the warmth of players and has reached a peak of users in the last 24 hours: according to SteamDB, the number of simultaneous players has risen to a maximum of 47,542. This figure comes to surpass the previous record registered (41,200 users), which was established in June of last year on the occasion of the launch of the expansion Shadowbringers. The funny thing is that, this time, the players have decided to return to the title on their own since the content Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker not debut in Spain and around the world until November.

Final Fantasy XIV surrounds itself with a new peak of players

Since PC Gamer have echoed this striking number of users. Why, if no new content has been released for Final Fantasy XIV and not debut until November Endwalker? Well everything points to this avalanche of users has come by the “effect youtuber: from the middle they report that the players of World of Warcraft are unhappy, and would have gone the way of popular streamers from Wow like Asmongold, who has decided to take command of Final Fantasy while the Blizzard title adds more news.

PC Gamer claims that the peak of players occurred only one day after Asmongold began broadcast the game to over 2 million followers. Another well-known streamer, CohhCarnage, also started streaming the game recently. Followers of these streamers, along with dissatisfied WoW players after the update Chains of Domination, would have been responsible for increasing the maximum number of users.

FF14 receives a wave of players despite not having released new content

With more than 22 million registered users, it should be noted that FF14 also has a free trial up to level 60, which offers up to expansion Heavenward. In this way, users who are thirsty for an MMORPG with great content, have preferred to make use of this proposal while Blizzard works on adding new incentives to World of Warcraft. Expansion Endwalker from Final Fantasy 14, for its part, have more cinematic scenes and take much more care of its different facets.

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