Square Enix I anticipated last week that next Thursday March 18th at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) chold a digital event, Square Enix Presents, in which to give information about their upcoming titles and releases. One of them is the new installment of Life is Strange, the popular Dontnod Entertainment series, which was already said to be will introduce his new protagonist character along with his supernatural abilities.

It has now appeared in ResetEra a user who has shared confidential information of Life is Strange 3, which will be the official title of this new installment of the saga (although Square Enix has not confirmed that it will be called that). All these data come from an alleged source close to the company and reveal details of the plot of the game; If you want to wait for these details to be officially announced next Thursday we recommend that you do not continue reading to avoid possible spoilers.

Protagonist of the new Life is Strange game.

So be the main character of Life is Strange 3, according to leaks

The person who has leaked the details of Life is Strange 3 ensures that the protagonist will be Alex, an Asian-American girl who has the ability to read and control people’s emotions that are around him. The source says that Alex could use his powers to, for example, control someone with dementia to get information. Besides, Alex would be a girl bisexual, so players can choose between various romances. This protagonist will have an older brother named Gabe.

According to this leak, Life is Strange 3 It will be a great visual and animation improvement for the series. It has also been revealed that take place in a city in the American Midwest similar to Arcadia Bay, where the first delivery takes place. Speaking of previous installments, the leaked information also claims that this third game will have references to the above, so it is suggested that they could be interconnected in some way.

News from Square Enix Presents.

To check if these statements are true or false we will only have to wait until Thursday, March 18, when the company presents this and other news in its Square Enix Presents: in addition to the new delivery of Life is Strange, it has been confirmed that there will be news of Marvel’s Avengers, Balan Wonderworld Y Outriders, in addition to Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Celebrations and news about mobile games from Square Enix partner studios.

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