Selecta Play, the video game division of the famous distributor Selecta Vision, is preparing a compilation of fighting games from the SNK company. This collection will be published in Spain next April 21 on PS4 under the name of ‘Fighting Legends‘and include a total of seven arcade fighting games.

“This collection includes SNK’s most iconic fighting games, the company that revolutionized the arcade industry in the 1990s with its powerful system Neo Geo y MVS (Multi Video System), which continue to be popular today. Their spectacular and addictive fighting games, full of super attacks and dangerous and colorful opponents, represented the pinnacle of 2D game systems and the turning point between retro and contemporary games, “says the official description of this compilation.


Seven classic games, two editions available

On the one hand, the Art of Fighting Anthology, made of Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2 Y The path the warriors Art of Fighthing 3. On the other hand, it will also include Fatal Fury Battle Archives V2 what he brings Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Y Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. Finally, the seventh game on the list is The King of Fighter 97 Global Match, which in addition to the 35 fighters includes six secret characters.

As you can see in the tweet inserted on these lines, Fighting Legends It can be purchased in two editions: a digipack that includes the games listed above and a collector’s edition that, in addition to said selection, also comes with a limited edition box, a 48-page color art book and an exclusive music CD. The price of this edition in Spain amounts to 72,99 euros.

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