The fighting game Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash arrives just in time for the weekend: it is now available for free for Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop, allowing users to enjoy this return to life. saga FEXL hand in hand with the development studio Arika. With the promise of reinvent fighting games, we leave you below your new advance on the occasion of his debut:

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash now available on Nintendo Switch

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is presented as a game independent of the Fighting EX Layer which debuted in 2018 on both PC and PS4. With this release, the Arika studio has wanted give a twist to the usual mechanics of fighting games, and has introduced features such as: EX-Dash, EX-Arrow y EX-Illusion, which come to provide greater versatility and dynamics to combat. In turn, they have set to work to polish some characters and their movements.

“This latest edition reinvent the theory and systems of fighting games! You will not be tied to traditional systems and techniques, “they write from Nintendo. They present the game as the latest installment in the FEXL saga, while describing the EX system as a new approach to tackling fighting game systems. “What fate awaits these fighters and their new powers?”

“This latest edition reinvents the theory and systems of fighting games”

Among the characters that we will find in Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash we discovered: Kairi, Skullomania, Blaire, Pullum and many more, that they will have to use the gougi to defeat all their enemies. For Arika, who celebrated her 25th anniversary in 2020, this game is presented as an attempt to bring together the best of Fighting EX Layer with the new nuances that it brings Another Dash.

We remind you that Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash can now be downloaded for free via the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. The previous title featured characters like Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury joining the roster of characters … so it remains to be discovered if this new game will also feature cameos from other sagas.

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