EA Sports recently presented FIFA 22, which has as a great novelty HyperMotion, a technology that according to Electronic Arts makes soccer players move and behave more realistically on the field thanks to the use of motion capture techniques (adding “more than 4000 new animations”) and learning machine of artificial intelligence that manages to create “new animations in real time to create a realism of organic football”. This novelty will be exclusive to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia, so for another year, the PC version will be based on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As it happened with FIFA 2021, Electronic Arts has justified the decision not to increase the PC requirements.

Speaking to PC Gamer, EA explains that implementing HyperMotion will mean raising the minimum requirements of the equipment and EA Sports does not want to leave large numbers of PC gamers without access to FIFA 22. “This will have a significant impact on our PC community that enjoys FIFA every year, with many players excluded or forced to upgrade their gaming machines. We look forward to our PC gamers experiencing the playable previews and the new season of innovations at FIFA 22“.

The answer is almost a carbon copy of the one given a year ago: “When we look at which generation [del juego] put on PC, we studied our fans and what possibilities they had with the hardware they had, “said EA about the controversy.” And we have that information to understand what is the power of PCs out there in the world. And when we studied that, to run the fifth-gen game, our minimum specs would have been at a point that they would have left out a lot of people without being able to play the game“Social networks have protested because they consider that HyperMotion is” just a marketing gimmick. ”

Artificial intelligence improve tactics

In the new consoles and Google Stadia, greater intelligence will be achieved and each player will be given “the ability to better understand formations and movements, both offensive and defensive, to take their strategies one step further”, increasing not only graphic realism but also of behaviors during the game.

FIFA 22 launches October 1 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In the case of the Nintendo console it is a Legacy edition, which means that only update squads and kits to the new season, with no playable or technical news.

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