FIFA 21, the latest installment in Electronic Arts’ soccer simulation saga, is already realistic in its own right, but a few fans have come together to create a mod that adds even more realism to the game. Is about FIFA 21 Realism Mod, a custom content pack and playable alterations that changes the game just enough to give you a much more reliable aspect both at a graphic level, as well as at a mechanical and simulation level.

Only in the graphic section this mod includes 800+ new faces and more, 250+ facial updates, realistic coaches face modeling, 150+ tattoos, badges and kits of teams that are not in the official game, including 48 new national teams, new stadiums like Camp Nou, six new international tournaments, more than 350 customization pieces, boots and gloves, new balls, fan posters, stadium announcements, television network logos, mode without public adapted to the situation caused by the coronavirus …

Visual and gameplay improvements

In addition to the visual enhancements, FIFA 21 Realism Mod also alters certain playable aspects to give the simulation a more realistic touch. Most of the changes are focused on technical aspects such as player signings, fatigue, the mood of the team, the age of the footballers.They are tweaks that may not be too noticeable at first glance, but that help to create a much more similar simulation. to reality. The mod is now available here for anyone who wants download and install it on PC.

FIFA 21 It is not only available on PC (although it is the only platform on which mods can be installed), but it can also be played on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y Nintendo Switch with a Legacy Edition. At its launch we were able to thoroughly test the game and we told you in our analysis that “it does not represent a leap as big as the one we have seen in other installments of the saga, but nevertheless it polishes enough things within the field of play to notice the change”.

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