Final Fantasy VII Remake Y Alan Wake Remastered llegaran a PC va Epic Games Store, as revealed by EpicData, a tool for analyzing the Epic Games Store Database, the Epic Games store database. None of these games are officially announced for PC, although there were numerous rumors about their existence. In the case of the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade It has been released these days on PlayStation 5 and it was known that the exclusivity was 6 months, which suggests that it will not be on sale on PC until December of this year at least. Intergrade adds, in addition to the next-gen graphical enhancements, an episode starring Yuffie. An exclusive agreement -at least temporarily- between Square Enix and Epic Games should not be a surprise, since the saga Kingdom Hearts has debuted exclusively in this store.

We know that Remedy Entertainment has two games signed with Epic Games. “Remedy’s AAA game project with Epic Games will soon move into full production and the second smaller-scale game continues in full production mode,” the company said last month. Everything indicates that overproduction is Alan Wake 2, license to which they regained the rights a few years ago, while the “smallest” game would be a remastering or remake of the first Alan Wake, the title released on Xbox 360 in 2010. It is known that the two projects are being developed with the Northlight engine and tools, patented by Remedy, and take place in the same universe.

Jeff Grubb had already mentioned the existence of Alan Wake 2 Recently. “Heard what Remedy is going to do Alan Wake 2 with Epic. It should be the continuation that fans of the series want (…) There was a bidding war, but Epic got the best publishing deal, so Alan Wake 2 seems to be coming. “Remedy is interested in enhancing Alan Wake and his game Control it has connections to the same universe.

Five projects in Remedy

These two Alan Wake will be accompanied by the campaign of Crossfire X, a multiplayer game called Vanguard, while the team of Control he would be working on a blockbuster that some rumors have linked to a project for Sony.

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