The saga Far Cry It has always been experienced from a first-person perspective, but in the last videos and material of the game it has been possible to see its protagonist, Dani Rojas -man or woman-, from some third-person perspectives. In an interview with Gamespot Ubisoft confirms that in the new game, which will arrive on October 7 on PC, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PS4, have experimented more with the third person. This will allow you to see the character and its cosmetic changes at various times, both during certain moments of combat and in dialogues with other NPCs during talks in the guerrilla camps.

“In cutscenes, third person is something the team tried very early on, and the transition felt surprisingly smooth. Instantly there seemed to be more connection to Dani’s journey in the world, more connection with his pica story in Yara, “says narrative director Navid Khavari.” Players will be able to see the customization of his character in these moments of the story. In the guerrilla camps you will have the opportunity to see the protagonist completely personalized, from his backpack to his clothes. “In this way, Ubisoft hopes that Dani will look more like a character” within the space you are exploring “, but once you leave the camp the camera will return to Dani’s eyes, the usual subjective view in Far Cry.

In the gameplay there will be another moment where I pass to a third person, with wearing the Supremo backpacks that offer powerful abilities for Dani, like the flamethrower or missile launcher. “In the moments of the Supremo backpacks, the transition to third person pretends that we see all the effects of the backpack and better feel its impact in action.”

A twist on Far Cry’s past

This novelty of Far Cry 6 aims to solve one of the complaints of past titles where the protagonist barely had charisma. On Far Cry 5 for example the character did not appear in any scene beyond his editor and the clothing customization window, and he was also a silent character. Although this is usually done to make the player identify with the character more, it can also disconnect the user from the story.

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