Far Cry 2 he threw himself there for 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, although it seems that the community of computer gamers have not yet forgotten about this installment of Ubisoft’s first-person shooter saga: since its launch, modders They have been publishing modifications that, in addition to adding new unofficial content, also improve the graphics and performance of the original game. It is the case of Far Cry 2 Modernized, an ambitious mod that gives it a deep face lift to the ttulo.

PuppyUnicorn, the mud published by Far Cry 2 Modernized in Nexus Mods, explains that this project basically consists of an overall game improvement that “prioritizes on graphical fidelity, realism and consistency”. However, not only are there improvements to textures, field of view and a custom HDR, but there have also been improvements to gameplay, controls, bug fixes and even new designs for the maps.

Logo redesign

The ultimate mod for Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 Modernized is a compilation of mods, rather than a single mod in itself: its main base is Far Cry 2 Redux, one of the graphic modifications most acclaimed by the community since its launch a couple of years ago. In addition to this set of graphical redesigns, the creator of Far Cry 2 Modernized It has also included a series of essential mods for the original game: those who install this pack will also see improvements in textures thanks to a mod that increases their resolution through AI and new icons for the game interface, among other things.

Hand-drawn maps in Far Cry 2 Modernized.

This ambitious mod opens the door for more players to be interested in the proposal of Far Cry 2, a Ubisoft Montreal project that is always recommended to visit. In fact, in our analysis, we already told you about him that “with enormous production values ​​and spectacular at a technological level, We are facing one of the great games of the year, which within a genre always plagued by competitors who follow the same trends, it brings a different character, a way of playing rarely seen in the first person and a great experience “.

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