Nobuo Uematsu is one of the best known composers in the video game industry and his name will always be associated with Final Fantasy, although after his departure from Square Enix he has participated in a multitude of games. Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Square Enix RPGs, has counted on him for his productions in Mistwalker – Blue Dragon (2006), Lost Odyssey (2007), Away: Shuffle Dungeon (2008); The Last Story (2011), Terra Battle-, and it seems like your new game –Fantasiancould be the last complete soundtrack by Uematsu. At least that’s what Sakaguchi believes in statements to Mobile Syrup on the occasion of the last presentation of his new role-playing game for Apple Arcade.

“Before contacting him to work on Fantasian I was going through some health problems, and there were concerns about whether he could compose everything or even if it would be possible to collaborate on this“Sakaguchi says. He finally agreed and composed the 60 orchestral songs for his soundtrack. “I think you have hinted that Fantasian It might be the last game I ever worked on from start to finish, making all the music. “. Although Uematsu will probably continue with some individual themes for games -an usually collaborates on the Final Fantasy with the main songs, for example-, Fantasian “It could be his last recording.”

“On a positive side, He has put his heart and soul in Fantasian. When I heard it I almost cried a little, because it was a great moment in our careers. ”

An RPG with graphics inspired by dioramas

Fantasian is a new role-playing adventure inspired by classic RPGs coming “soon” to Apple’s subscription service. Among its most striking aspects are the scenarios, which were created with real dioramas -more than 150- before being scanned in 3D. “We want to capture the touch and feel, the unique charm, that is only found in those dioramas,” said its director.

Apple Arcade is priced at 4.99 euros per month, or you can choose to pay 49.99 euros per year.

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