A team of modders called United West Team perform the Fallout 3 original that was never launched in the form of mod in order to Fallout New Vegas. Under the name of Fallout: Revelation Blue, the title will be based on the information that has been published of the sequel to Fallout 2 from Black Isle Studios over the years, he had the code name From neighbours.

“How will you know, Fallout Van Buren, the Fallout 3 original, was canceled after Black Isle Studios went through hard times, “reads the description of the teaser YouTube trailer that you can see under this paragraph. “Now United West Team is proud to develop Fallout Van Buren Remake, using the motor and assets from New Vegas Y Fallout 3!”.

There will be a demo soon

The project page in NexusMods has been temporarily put on hold until release the official demo of Tibberts Prison Facility, one of the areas of the game. The team of modders led by “Odawgthecool” has not specified when they plan to elaborate on the mod.

On this page you could read: “We will stay as true to the original Van Buren story as possible”. It also stated that “in the future we plan to add a lot of custom functions. For now, the project is still work in progress“. In the YouTube description they state that the name of the mod, Revelation Blue, was chosen because i> Van Buren is an intellectual property owned by inXile Entertainment, a team owned by Xbox Game Studios.

Fallout Van Buren

As they remember from PC Gamer, the Fallout 3 original was going to be set in the to 2253. Players will control a prisoner on the run who is being chased throughout the Wasteland by robotic guards. The flight will take you through post-apocalyptic versions of places like Denver and the Big Dog of Colorado.

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