Fallout 3 It is one of the highest rated titles of the seventh generation of consoles. It is a game of first person open world role whose story takes place in completely three-dimensional environments, being the first of its saga to make the leap to 3D graphics. The setting of Fallout It is post-apocalyptic, so managing our inventory resources, gathering supplies, and exploring are keys to our survival. Being a role-playing game, the interactions with the characters that inhabit the devastated world after a nuclear war play a fundamental role when making allies or enemies. Today, we have been able to learn new details about your remake fan.

Fallout 3 Remake has been created by modders using the Fallout 4 graphics engine as a base.

Fallout 4 was released several years after the third installment and, although the good reception was not so unanimous, in part due to the supposed “coincidence” of some mechanics, the game has served as a basis for experimenting with a multitude of mods. The most recent and possibly interesting of these is that of a Fallout 3 Remake. The redo project Fallout 3 using as a basis the graphics engine from Fallout 4 has as name Capital Wasteland and their modders They intend to recreate the entire video game, from the main and secondary missions, to the most iconic dialogues and locations.

Currently, the project has a gameplay 8 minutes duration in which the DLC Point Lookout from Fallout 3. In addition to having recreated the elements mentioned above, the team is also experimenting with the weather options newer versions offered by the Fallout 4. With this, it is intended to faithfully establish the same dirty and oppressive atmosphere of the original title. This is the first time that we talked to you about the fan project to recreate Fallout 3 in a remake through a mod. To complement the information offered by the new 8-minute trailer, you can also take a look at the first trailer, which served as a presentation, and another look focused on its gameplay.

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