Mark Zuckerberg has announced through a post from his personal account of Facebook an important message for users of Facebook Gaming. According to comments, Facebook extend your 0% revenue share cut for the streamers and other users who benefit from the service until 2023. In other words, if a user decides to broadcast video games through Facebook Gaming, Facebook won’t take any of your revenue until 2023.

The Facebook Gaming community of streamers appreciates the action taken by Marc Zuckerberg

The message published by the well-known programmer was the following: “To help more creators to earn a living on our platforms, we will keep paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges and our upcoming independent news products free for creators until 2023“, Explain Zuckerberg in the post. “When we introduce a revenue share, it will be less than 30% taken by Apple and others“. Zuckerberg aims to popularize and expand the audience of its streaming platform through less abusive measures for the user and less intervention in your profits.

The ad has received crowd of compliments by the community of e-sports What Stone, which has published a tweet in which he appreciates the measures taken by Mark Zuckerberg: “Facebook just announced that they are continuing with their plan reduce 0% of shared revenue from followers until 2023. Great commitment and a great way to support any creator. This means that if you become a subscriber to someone for $ 5 a month, the creator receives $ 5 a month without cuts of any kind“.

Facebook Gaming is still in the process of becoming a benchmark streaming platform at the streaming level. Twitch o YouTube Gaming. The fact that the platform Facebook is in this state could be because, by the time he arrived, the others had already standardized and had loyal their audience. However, from the company they do not throw in the towel and promise to offer a comfortable and familiar environment to increase the popularity of Facebook Gaming. Time will tell if the measures taken will achieve the expected results.

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