The next July 16th we will be able to relive all the excitement of F1 in our living room thanks to the launch of F1 2021, the new installment of the official video game of this motor sport that will be released in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S, something that both EA and Codemasters have wanted to celebrate with the publication of a new trailer.

The Official Video Game of FIA 2021 Formula One

Thanks to we can take a good look at what the game looks like on a graphical level at the same time that they show us some scenes and sequences taken from Braking Point, its new Story Mode in which we will play a young Formula 2 driver who has to ascend to the exciting and intense world of F1 to become the best driver of all time.

Among other novelties, this delivery expand Career mode with a cooperative option that will allow us to enjoy this frenzied competition in the company of our friends through the internet.

Impressions of Vandal

On Vandal we have already had the opportunity to test it and we published an article of impressions in which we told you that “our first contact with F1 2021 has been very positive with the sensations on the track finding us with a new interface in the race that convinces us, with somewhat heavier cars at the driving level and a more severe punishment when the pianos are used incorrectly, enjoying as always one of the experiences more satisfactory driving and speed sensations in videogames of this type “.

Additionally, we were also able to offer you a standalone text focused solely and exclusively on its new Braking Point mode, where We explain everything there is to know about this promising modality to play alone.

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