The editor THQ Nordic and the developer Logic Artists they have announced Expeditions: Rome, a strategy role-playing game with turn-based combat that hebequeath to PC via Steam throughout 2021. In addition to announcing this new title, those responsible for the game have also published two trilers: one focused on the history of the game and another focused on the gameplay.

As you may have imagined, this title is a new installment within the saga Expeditions, a Logic Artists franchise of which we have already seen two games: first, in 2013, it was launched Expeditions: Conquistador, although in Spain it was launched under the name Conquerors of the New World, Y later in 2017, the second installment was published, Expeditions: Viking. Now, after going through the conquest of South America and the Viking adventures, the saga makes the leap to the Roman Empire to tell us a story of betrayal and revenge.

“Determine the fate of Rome, Conquer foreign lands and navigate political intrigue in this turn-based RPG. Fight with your Praetorian Guard, guide your legion to victory, and choose your path in a story where every decision matters. How will you change the future of Rome?“says the official description of the game on its Steam page.

All roads lead to Rome

Regarding the gameplay from Expeditions: Rome, the new game edited by THQ Nordic will allow us to fight in turn-based battles with isometric perspective where the strategy we use will be essential to achieve victory. We will can customize to our Legacy not only on an aesthetic level, choosing their appearance and gender, but also on a tactical level, adapting their abilities and powers to our style of play.

During the adventure of Expeditions: Rome We will not be alone, but we will have a group of five companions of whom we will discover their past and their unique abilities as we spend time with them. We will have to lead our own legion in three major war campaigns set in Greece, North Africa and Gaul, and while we do, we can recruit legionaries, improve our camp, exploit resources …

Below you can see one gallery with the first images of Expeditions: Rome.

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