Everwild is the new title in which he works Rare, parents of the popular Sea of Thieves. Scheduled to debut on Xbox consoles and computers, the title was announced last November 2019 and, since then, we have known few details of this proposal. Nevertheless, the little we know has been enough to keep us in suspense. And, after the words of the main designer of the game, even more: he maintains that it is about a “unique” game and that “the world has never seen anything like it”.

Everwild, a unique project in the Rare offices

According to James Blackham from Rare, who is the main designer of the game, Everwild get ready for offer users “a unique experience”. On his LinkedIn profile, Blackham maintained that Everwild It is something that “the world has never seen before”, while assuring the following: “Something unique is brewing in Rare”. At the moment, and unfortunately, the details that we know about this project are scarce.

Judging from its trailer and images, we can easily deduce that it is an adventure title that will take us to a magical world. There, the players will have to interact with fantastic creatures, while cooperate with other players to advance through this strange universe. The story takes place in an open world, characterized by a beautiful graphic section.

When Rare presented the project Everwild, I defined it as “an experience that allows new ways for users to play in a natural and magical world”. Although the British studio was at that time still giving the gameplay twists and turns, the truth is that they allowed us to be aware of some of the discussions that were taking place within their offices: “What does it mean to nurture a world? What does it mean to be in nature? Part of the reason we haven’t talked much about Everwild because we are still trying to unravel those things“.

Thought like a game that allows users to “get lost in their world”, the truth is that it seems that we still have to wait longer to know more details about this title. Rare shared in late 2020 that players will embody the Eternals, four characters who live in a world made up of different habitats with which they interact in a respectful way, helping endangered creatures or benefiting from wildlife only when necessary.

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