Steam Deck, a portable “console” from Steam, is now official. This laptop offers enough power to move recent news, integrate Steam and can be connected to a television or monitor with a dock similar to Nintendo Switch. The product -on sale with a price from 419 euros- has found an unexpected ally: Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games and therefore of the company that aspires to eat part of the cake in the sales of PC games with the Epic Games Store.

Sweeney praises the Steam Deck for a specific reason: it is a PC, an open system in which Valve does not prevent replacing the pre-installed SteamOS with another operating system like Windows and if the user wishes to use any of the other stores on the platform, from GOG to, effectively, the Epic Games Store. Although the new version of SteamOS will be optimized to get the best out of the hardware, Valve itself ensures that we can watch videos, work with productivity tools and download from other stores.

“It’s an incredible move from Valve”says Sweeny on Twitter. “A portable console / PC hybrid that runs on Arch Linux-based SteamOS, and is an open platform where users are free to install their software including Windows and other stores.”

His current “enemy” is Apple.

Tim Sweeney’s comment may surprise you, but the truth is that his opinion is consistent with Epic Games policy. The company is located in litigation with Apple precisely because it wants iPhone users to be able to install the applications they want and not just those distributed in the App Store, so that developers can create their direct payment systems. In this sense Steam Deck does not pose any problem for Epic Games and its store, since Future users of the device will be able to convert it into a portable Epic Games Steam.

Steam Deck will begin shipping in December and it will have three models with different capacity of its SSD unit and in the case of the 679 euro version also a better quality screen.

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