Epic Games Store It has already been updated offering new free PC games to any user who wants to access their account to claim them. Every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) the digital store is renewed with a selection of titles that can be obtained at zero cost, storing them in the library to be able to play them whenever we want, without the need for a subscription.

This week they are three Video games that can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store: Deponia: The Complete Journey, The pillars of the earth Y The First Tree. These three games can be claimed at zero cost from today until April 22 at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) and keep them in the library forever, as we said before.

In addition to these three games, today a new free title has been released on the Epic Games Store: it is about Core, the game to create games, which is already available on the platform for anyone who wants to download it. New users and those who link their account to the Epic Games Store will receive free for a limited time exclusive heroes and mounts. You can see our impressions of this game here.

Daedalic’s graphic adventures and emotional indie journey

Deponia: The Complete Journey is a peculiar graphic adventure from Daedalic Entertainment, a work that has been among us for almost a decade to tell us the bizarre adventures of Rufus, a citizen of Deponia who does not stop inventing crazy plans to leave this planet-garbage dump. Here the three main games of the saga are includedlandfill, Chaos on Deponia Y Goodbye Deponia-, plus additional content.

The pillars of the earth is another graphic adventure from Daedalic Entertainment, one based on the popular literary franchise written by Ken Follett. We will travel to 12th century England to experience a web of struggle and survival in times of war and poverty. One of the main attractions of the game, in addition to its peculiar graphic style, is the possibility of being able to influence the evolution of the events of the characters in the book with our decisions during the adventure.

The First Tree is an experimental independent work created by David Wehle, a title in which we put ourselves in the shoes of a fox who travel through beautiful natural landscapes on an emotional adventure of introspection while trying to understand from the origin of life to the end of it, death. An emotional journey, without enemies and hardly without puzzles, a story of about an hour and a half with an ending difficult to forget.

Next week Alien: Isolation Y Hand of Fate 2

As usual, the company has already announced which games to give away next week. Specifically, the titles that can be obtained at zero cost from April 22 to 29 son Alien: Isolation, the praised survival horror inspired by the popular science fiction franchise, and Hand of Fate 2, a quirky classic role-playing game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

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