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Return the Spring Sales a PS Store, the digital store of PS4 and PS5, this time with some Spades offers, in which we can find discounts of up to 60% in some of the best games from both consoles.

So we can get the acclaimed open world game Ghost of Tsushima with a 43% discount for 39,89 (before 69.99) until April 14, being a perfect occasion to get hold of this adventure that is now a better price than ever.

Among other spades offers that we can find in the Spring Sales we have the favorite game of football lovers FIFA 21 with a 58% discount for 29,39 (before 69.99) until April 28; the most popular game Fortnite – The Last Laugh Bundle with a 33% discount for 20,09 (before 29.99) until April 16 and that includes, in addition to several skins, 1000 V-Bucks; one of the greatest hits of all time, Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition with a 58% discount for 14,69 (before 34.99) until April 14; and the cool fighting game Mortal Kombat 11 with a 60% discount for 19,99 (before 49.99).

All these games can be enjoyed both in PS4 as on PS5, and some, like Ghost of Tsushima, FIFA 21 O Fortnite They have all kinds of improvements in the new Sony console, such as better graphics or shorter loading times, so it is a perfect occasion to get hold of them.

You can consult below all Spring Sale that will end on April 28:

  • Spring Deals on PlayStation Store
  • All the advantages of buying in the PS Store, the digital store of PS4 and PS5

    PS Store is the easiest and fastest way to buy your news for PS4 and PS5, subscriptions to services or reserve the most anticipated games. The digital store offers many advantages in convenience, availability and security, in addition to constant sales on hundreds of recent titles, must-have classics and access to releases that you will only find in the PlayStation Store.

    In PS Store you can buy 100% securely either with your usual credit card or with the PlayStation gift cards, which allow you to load the PS Store wallet with the amount you want. Some cards that you can find in common video game stores, supermarkets or gas stations, and that are a perfect gift for any PS4 or PS5 user.

    These are the Five key benefits of shopping on the PS Store:

    • The best deals on the largest library of PlayStation games: Every week PS Store brings new offers, discounts on recent releases and themed promotionsranging from the most popular releases to those oddities that may become your next favorite game. PS Plus users have exclusive benefitssuch as single discounts and more discounts with Double Discounts, which save you more money.
    • All the facilities for you to find what you are looking for: In PlayStation Store you can search for your specific games and content, but if you are interested in discovering other releases you can make use of the different sections of current discounts, the collections recommended by PlayStation with the best of PS4, superhero games, the best of virtual reality for PS VR, the most terrifying titles, to play cooperatively, the choice of publishers, free or classified hits by genre, and PlayStation 5, the new Sony console, has of its own section dedicated to the first successes and the reserves of the novelties.
    • The convenience of a shop open 24 hours a day: PS Store is accessible from PS4 or PS5, PC or Mac web browsers, tablet, mobile or the official PS App, and allows the most common secure payment options: credit card, gift cards and Paypal. Integration with the PS App makes it easy to always have the most useful functions of shopping, messaging, download management and the entire PlayStation catalog, PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions at hand.
    • Your games always at hand: All your purchases remain associated with the digital library and accompany your account forever: you can download the games on another console and enjoy them immediately just by logging in and accessing your profile. From the console, browser or PS App you can check your transaction history and see, at a glance, your collection, the content purchased for each game and download the latest version.
    • Manage your PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions: From section Subscriptions from PS Store we can manage subscription services such as Playstation plus, accessing all the contents of this service, since in addition to giving us access to the online game, it offers us new games for PS4 and PS5 every month. Also from this section we can manage our subscription of PS Now, PlayStation’s cloud gaming service, which allows us to access a collection of over 700 PS4, PS3 and PS2 games, and that can be played both in streaming, from your console or PC, such as downloading the ones from PS4 and playing natively on your PS4 or PS5.

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