Enlisted is preparing to offer Spanish players and players from all over the world PlayStation 5 his war action: with a new and extensive mission baptized with the name of Norman invasion, the development studio Gaijin Entertainment thus welcomes Sony console users, who will be able to enjoy the game at 4K and 60 fps. Remember that Enlisted It was a title that I enjoyed a temporary exclusive on Xbox Series X / S at launch. It can also be found on computers. We leave you next with the trailer for his new mission:

Enlisted: War Action Comes to PS5

Enlisted is already available in PC, Xbox Series X/S y PlayStation 5 on the closed beta, hence a “Founder’s Pack” is required to play. Users who have previously purchased Founder Packs from The Battle of Moscow on PC or Xbox Series X / S enjoy access to the new campaign for free. The title, set in WWII, allows players to control different infantry squadrons, ground vehicles and combat aircraft typical of this context.

The Norman Invasion is based on the events related to the call Operation Overlord: the code name that the allied forces used to refer to the famous Yes D in France in 1944. “The players will live a valiant frontal assault against the steel and concrete defenses of the coast under intense fire from German forces, gruesome urban battles in the labyrinth of narrow streets and dynamic fights for the rural castle using off-road vehicles to move quickly around the map “, detail the developers.

Enlisted comes to PS5

PlayStation 5 players also join the battle for Enlisted

All missions of The Norman Invasion They can be played on both the American side and the German side. During games, players will enjoy weapons such as the MP 34 () and Beretta M1918 machine guns, the Lee Enfield mod No.4 Mk I rifle, the M5A1 light tank, the 75mm M8 “Scott” self-propelled obs, the Sd.Kfz.234 / 2 armored vehicle and Ju.188 A-2 and A-20G bombers. There are many more vehicles and weapons to unlock, and they were all part of this conflict.

There are two new founder packs in addition to the packages of the Battle of Moscow Available Now – Players can now purchase the squadron of the 83. US Division., with M2 Hyde submachine guns; and the squadron of the 77th German division with MP 28 submachine guns upgraded with enlarged magazines. We remind you that the purchase of any package will grant access to the closed beta of Enlisted and both campaigns at the same time.

A founder pack must be purchased to access the Enlisted Closed Beta

The PlayStation 5 version of Enlisted works to 4K y 60 fps, offering some Features “virtually identical” to the PC and Xbox Series X / S version. The title was announced last 2016 for PC. It has since made its way to Microsoft consoles and is now debuting on Sony’s new platform.

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