Frontier Developments has published a gameplay more than eight minutes of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey where they show a cooperative mission for three players. The premiere of the video coincides with the announcement of the alpha release date for pc, to be available on March 29 on Steam, Epic Games Store and Frontier Store for those who pre-order the Deluxe Alpha Expansion edition.

At playthrough, as we said, participate three Commanders that have the goal of knocking out an enemy faction. For this they must infiltrate a military base. Because the place is defended, one of the participants lands on the barren planet, leaving his two companions on the surface, and flies off with the ship to pick them up immediately when they have finished where they are needed.

Meanwhile, the other two approach the building where the electrical regulator is, preventing the guards from seeing them. After hack the door stealthily finish off the two workers inside, they stocked with medicine cabinets, and they cut off power, putting the entire base on alert. Ah have to withstand waves of enemies until you can take the regulator, and from there, flee to the ship returning shots and dodging grenades.

Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this fall

“The rich setting and open layout of the Elite Dangerous reaches new levels of depth thanks to Odyssey allows us to walk through the planets“They say from Frontier in a press release.” The expansion add all the details needed for combat and exploration on foot, while maintaining the distances, measured in to light and the countless missions that players will have available. “

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to arrive in its final version for PC at the end of Spring 2021 and PS4 and Xbox One in Fall from this to.

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