Frontier Developments announced that the second phase of the release of the Alpha version of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is now available on PC. Players who have previously purchased Lifetime Expansion Pass or who have pre-purchased the expansion pack Odyssey Deluxe Alpha can make the leap to this new expansion of the preliminary version of the game that expands the area of ​​the game 20 light years.

The main novelties of this second Alpha phase of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, in addition to the new extension of the game scenario, is that players can now access ships and register with mercenary companies to reach the Conflict Zones, a new addition that stars in the video that those responsible for the game have published today and that you can see below:

Main novelties of this second phase Alpha

In addition, Frontier Developments has shared a summary with the most outstanding news of the second Alpha phase of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. They are as follows:

  • Conflict Zones are accessible by registering at Frontline Solutions booths.
  • Commanders will have access to the ships and will be provided with a Cobra Mk III ship with seating for multiple crew members.
  • The game area has been expanded for 20 light years.
  • A new special suit can be purchased: Manticore Dominator combat suit.
  • New system available: Nervi.
  • 300,000 credits available for new commanders (this amount will be added to the already available balance of commanders.)

In Vandal we have already been able to test Elite Dangerous: Odyssey and in our impressions of the Alpha we tell you that “it is an ambitious project that wants to Elite Dangerous to a new level and that you can achieve it if certain details are polished and things are retouched and improved from this first alpha version of which we are left with the breathtaking images that we can see on space stations or on different planets plus some pretty good shooting mechanics. “

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey release its final version Spring for PC and Fall for PS4 and Xbox One.

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