The update Odyssey -of which we tell you our impressions- of Elite: Dangerous has caused more problems than anticipated on PC and Frontier Developments has announced that focus on correcting these issues before releasing content on consoles: of its date for autumn of this year now it is in an undetermined term. Odyssey has entered falls into the framerate, generation of planets with problems and other errors to which on the other hand is a very ambitious DLC that adds billions of planets that we can explore on foot for the first time.

Frontier founder David Braben explained the decision to postpone Odyssey on consoles because the priority is to polish the experience wherever it has been launched. “We know that the work we do to improve the experience of the players of Elite Dangerous Odyssey and PC benefit other platforms in the future, but the dates and details of the consoles are going to change. We do not want to venture into confirming any console launch date or change, we must address the core experience of Elite. Only when we feel that the PC base is solid will we continue our console plan, “he said in the official forums.

The team is looking to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features: “This means that we will see more updates in the coming months. We will continue to analyze problems, fix bugs and refine performance, but we will also be able to explore and add new features, content and improvements. “.

Content that expands the universe of Elite: Dangerous

“Something really unique about Odyssey and the universe Elite: Dangerous is that for the first time we are going to allow people to set foot on new planets and spaceports, and they will be able to explore the galaxy from this perspective, “the team said about this content. We have tried to keep what we consider key in Elite“And what is that element that will remain intact in this expansion?”Freedom of choice“.

Problems in Elite: Dangerous with Odyssey

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