Last week we told you about the birth of a new platform, playWON, which intends to introduce advertisements in the middle of video games in exchange for rewards for players. This new system had been in testing for some time through various games, such as UFC 3 of EA Sports, something that led more than one media to believe that companies like Electronic Arts They had already signed an agreement to integrate this type of advertising, similar to television, in their video games.

However, the company responsible for franchises as popular as FIFA, Battlefield O Apex Legends, has denied it’s a statement who are thinking of introducing ads in their video games. He has done so with a few brief statements that he has issued directly to PC Gamer and in which he explains that they are not interested in this service today since their priority is for the user to have a satisfactory experience.

In-game announcement at UFC 3.

Electronic Arts advocates a satisfying user experience

“Due to the incorrect information that suggests that we are considering introducing advertisements such as television ones in our video games, we want to clarify that advertising in-game for console games it’s not something we’re studying right now“Said a spokesperson for Electronic Arts to the specialized media, before relating this issue to the experience of the users:” Our priority focus continues to be creating the best possible experience for the players, “this spokesperson concluded.

In-game announcement at UFC 4.

Despite the company’s clarification, the original Axios article continues to mention Electronic Arts among companies that have already signed an agreement with playWON to integrate advertisements into PC and console games; although the company of FIFA has moved away from this initiative, other firms such as Hi-Rez Studios, owned by Tencent and responsible for successful free-to-play What Smite O Rogue Company, yes you may have already reached an agreement with this platform.

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