Graffiti Games and developer Mantra have announced a new 2D metroidvania for consoles -not specified- and PC, Elderand, to be launched in 2022. We show you his first images and trailer, where you can see his graphics and the setting of this action RPG that, according to the team, is inspired by HP Lovecraft.

One of the most important aspects is combat, so Elderand pay close attention to the fight and punish the most reckless players. “Don’t be afraid, your precision and positioning will improve as you find your fighting style,” says the team. We can discover, buy and collect tons of objects, including unique relics, potions, weapons and shields. We can negotiate with the merchants to collect even more loot and improve the character to make him the most powerful warrior.

The world of Dreary Lands is full of mysteries, deadly creatures, secret passageways, and strangers to meet. “Curiosity is your great ally”, dice Mantra.

Elderand announced, a metroidvania for PC and consoles

An adventure for Souls fans

The creators give some clues of games similar to Elderand, and among them they cite the Souls/Bloodborne from FromSoftware, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Hollow Knight, Blasphemous, Dead Cells, Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, Salt And Sanctuary Y Death’s Gambit. Many have in common the difficulty of their battles, the world of dark fantasy, scenarios that tell a story and imposing bosses. Elderand takes these elements and transfers them to a metroidvania development, that is, non-linear maps where the player can explore various routes, or at least those that are not blocked by the need to use a special ability.

Elderand announced, a metroidvania for PC and consoles

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