Yes, we are all looking forward to learning more about Elden Ring. Yes, we are biting our nails so that the game is launched in Spain and around the world. But precisely this expectation is the ideal breeding ground for the publication of fake videos and rumors of this title. Yesterday we showed you a 6-second video that supposedly gave us a glimpse of the dark setting of this game. However, today it was confirmed that this clip is not related to the expected work of FromSoftware. Rather, it is about a sample by concept artist Jack Phan and ArtStation.

The video leaked yesterday is fake

Yesterday there was a video of an extract “extracted” from Elden Ring, let us take a look at this dark fantasy setting in which to pass the game. While there were indications that seemed to indicate that this clip was legitimate and truthful … unfortunately, ultimately it has not been. The video is fake and not related to the FromSoftware video game. This is how users have discovered it on Reddit.

The 6-second video is actually a sample video of a 3D environment made by Freelance Concept / 3D Artist Jack Phan at ArtStation. Although Phan points out that his work has been “strongly” inspired by the saga Dark Souls study, the truth is that it has nothing to do with Elden Ring or with a job from From Software. On these lines we have left you the complete video, published on the artist’s official YouTube channel.

The leaked video of Elden Ring is fake, and is taken from the work of an artist

Far from being upset, Phan points out that feels “flattered” upon learning that someone clipped his video and made it look like a Elden Ring. Those, regrets having “broken people’s hopes” confirming that the leak is not real. That’s the real shame: once again, we are left without knowing more information and images of this long-awaited RPG.

Elden Ring: The long-awaited game from FromSoftware

The first and only time we’ve had a chance to take a look at Elden Ring it was in the E3 de 2019, moment that FromSoftware took the opportunity to make the official presentation of this project. Devised pore Hidetaka Miyazaki, the project has had the collaboration of the writer George R.R. Martin, author of A song of ice and fire. It seems that the leaks and rumors about this title would have been responsible for the cancellation of a presentation that was to take place in March. Bandai Namco has decided to postpone this game show due to to the famous off-screen recorded video.

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