Journalist Jeff Grubb said late last month that Bandai Namco and FromSoftware show Elden Ring at the end of March in an own event from the publisher of which we learned shortly after that it could be called Bandai Namco Next. That information, corroborated by other sources, reached us just before the famous video was leaked. off-screen of Miyazaki’s new. Now it seems that this leak has disrupted the company’s plans, which would have decided not to show the game as planned.

It was Jeff Grubb himself who has revealed this information in a new video published on his YouTube channel and available under these lines. In this broadcast, he explains that Bandai Namco would have halted the release of new information from Elden Ring after the leaked trailer was released, as currently would be investigating how it could appear on the network and who has been responsible of said leakage.

Even so, it won’t take long to see Elden Ring

Although the Bandai Namco event is supposedly on hold, Grubb reassures his viewers by saying that the company is ready to show Elden Ring from one moment to another: Everything that was planned to be shown at the end of this month will end up coming out sooner or later, and if the company no longer wants to do it in an event of its own, it always has the opportunity to wait until June, the date on which the E3 2021 in virtual format, to teach the news of the game in the conference of a company.

This new information, which given its lack of officiality cannot be considered more than rumors, sow more confusion in the development of Elden Ring: at the moment we only know that the game will be presented at E3 2019 with a cinematic trailer that is practically the only thing we have seen officially; We don’t even know yet when it will launch or on what platforms it will and all the details that we know of its gameplay, such as the presence of online multiplayer and character editor, come from rumors of insiders of the industry.

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