Bandai Namco, la editora de Elden Ring, has updated the official website of the game with a handful of additional paragraphs that serve, on the one hand, to give more details of the story from the new FromSoftware title (Dark Souls, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice); and on the other, to anticipate the freedom that the Sinluz, the characters that the players will embody, to explore the open world, address the proposed challenges in different ways and adapt your fighting style.

This is not a detailed explanation of the plot, so do not fear for the plot spoilsAlthough the director of the title, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has explained that the general plot will be more understandable than in titles like Bloodborne Y Demon’s Souls, yes I made it clear that it will remain dark and with details only visible to the most attentive that will serve to delve into the Midlands world.

Elden Ring

“The Golden Order is broken. Across the Midlands, demigods possessing Elden Circle fragments they face and fight among the ruins of a once perfect kingdom, today abandoned by the golden teachings of the Greater Will “, starts the new synopsis offered by Bandai Namco (thanks DualShockers).

As the echoes of the strife echo in the distance, an outlaw figure approaches. Once, their ancestors called the Midlands their home, but the blessed light of grace was lost to their people and they were expelled from the realm. Sinluz, and they have returned to claim the title of Elden promised by legend. “

Elden Ring

A varied world, side quests and creatures of “all kinds

The explanation continues promising a varied open world in which we can move freely on our ghostly horse: “You will ride for vast meadows galloping down gentle hills and ascend to the top of rocky crags on the back of your fleeting steed to discover a world brimming with life and danger. “

They also explain that the “journey” of the Sinluz, of the players, begins in “vast fields”: “mythical creatures prowl the moors, unimaginable horrors lurk in the swamps and marshes and all manner of soldiers and itinerant warriors are waiting to hunt down the unsuspecting. “It also appears that not all vivo be an enemy: “Timid creatures nibble on sweet grass or scurry through undergrowth.”

Elden Ring fights on horseback

The following paragraph advances a system of secondary missions similar to the one we enjoy in titles like Bloodborne: “The few inhabitants who have not gone mad or turned hostile try to survive near the ruined cities destroyed by the Devastation. If you help them, they may offer you the answers you seek.”

“Above all of them, settled in usurped lands where traps, secrets and guardians abound, the semidioses“They say of the final chiefs who guard the six great zones of the world,” corrupted lords, once members of a noble royal family, rule their domains with the implacable power bestowed by the fragments of the Elden Circle. “

Elden Ring World

On the exploration of the world they give another detail that seems to anticipate a hint system to find your way main: “The teachings of the lost graces if you find them will give you clues to recover these territories from their clutches through the sword and spells, although it is not necessary that you follow their path.”

Combat allow to take advantage of the environment and climatic conditions

The player will have to make decisions not only when exploring the world, but also when it comes to customize your Sinluz: “You choose: Do you want power or do you seek enlightenment? Make your own decisions and mold your character accordingly. Pick the skills that best suit your style. “

Elden Ring fighting

It is also confirmed that the environment and the weather system itself influence the combat: “Put your skills in stealth to avoid dangers or catch enemies off guard. Take advantage of the environment, weather conditions and time of day to gain advantage. Learn the art of combat, in which you must read the intentions of your enemy and a well-calculated elusive movement can mean the difference between life and death. Ride on the back of your steed in combat against mercenaries and knock them off their mounts. ”

“Master the arcane spells of the masters who managed to survive amid the ruins of war. Summons familiar spirits to turn the tables in your favor or ask your fellow Sinluz to fight by your side and help you on your adventure, “they say about the online cooperative for four players.” Or if you prefer, go into the complex and bloody history of the Devastation [algo similar a los clices de Bloodborne?] and discover the forgotten secrets of the demigods and their lineage. All these paths and many more are possible. “

The new summary concludes by ensuring that the each player’s journey be different based on his “wishes”: “The more ambitious your goals, the greater the challenge. If you decide to claim the Midlands as your own, you must fight, of course. And of course, you may die. But you will return to fight again. Why else would a champion or a lord be born? “

It will be released in January 2022 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Remember that Elden Ring reach the stores in Spain and the rest of the world the next January 22, 2022 for PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Computer gamers wanting more souls can enjoy just a month before Dark Souls Nightfall, an unofficial sequel made by fans of the first game of that saga.

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