After a long absence on past dates from the video game world, Elden Ring appeared in the E3 2021 with a new advance and a release date: to be available in Spain and throughout the world on January 21, 2022, both on PC and on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The title comes from the hand of the studio led by Hidetaka Miyazaki, FromSoftware, which this time had a very special collaborator: George R.R. Martin, writer of the saga A Song of Ice and Fire on which the popular series was based Game of Thrones. In various interviews, Martin has explained how he helped FromSoftware to create the world and characters of this new video game, which bets on dark fantasy

Elden Ring: The sandstone provided by George RR Martin

“It is considerably different”, he started by wielding George R.R. Martin, more used to rub shoulders in the television and literary world than in the sector that concerns us. However, that has not been an impediment for him to collaborate with Hidetaka Miyazaki on his new idea. “I have played some video games but I am not a great player. But the game is called Elden Ring, and is a sequel to a game that was released a few years ago called Dark Souls. My work on the game ended, in fact, years ago. These games are like movies: they take a long time to develop. “

Then, during the interview with WTTW,, Martin points out what his collaboration with FromSoftware has consisted of: “Basically they they wanted a created world in which to locate the game, those who want a job of worldbuilding, which is a key piece in fantasy and science fiction. We could talk about the characters and the plot, but the configuration of the world is the basic pillar of all“.

“They wanted a created world in which to locate the game”

The game takes us to a region called The Lands Between, a hostile and decaying territory that players will have to travel like the Faded Ones: their mission will be to collect the Elden Circle fragments, while the Queen Marika the Eternal it is the one that governs this part of the world. It seems that FromSoftware has been sharing project updates with Martin, showing him things like monsters and special effects: “Be as excited as anyone to see it [en enero]”, the writer pointed out.

The odyssey of Elden Ring It will take us about 30 hours of play, while its world is made up of 6 large areas that we can explore in any order we want. We remind you that the title will be available next January 21, 2021, both on PC and on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. You can find everything we know about the game in our advance.

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