A little over 24 hours ago, Konami caused an earthquake among lovers of virtual football with the announcement of eFootball, its new football simulator that comes to replace PES by changing the traditional business model in this type of game, betting on a free model with some paid content.

After announcing his new title free to play The community has not stopped paying tribute to the now abandoned PES as well as torpedoing the Japanese studio with a lot of questions about their new game. Some of them have already received a response to confirm, among other things, that the well-known Master League mode will be available in eFootball.

Many of you already know the Master League, which has been the Star mode for a player from the PES series that allows us to manage a football team with total freedom, being able to choose its alignment, tactics, signings or control its quarry, among many other options. Konami has confirmed a few minutes ago through a tweet that this mode will arrive on eFootball after its launch, being added as a paid DLC for the simulator of the beautiful sport in Spain.

Furthermore, in the same tweet confirming this news, Konami also points out that the parties online between platforms will be improved with the new engine adjusting to get the most out of each gaming device.

eFootball will arrive at the beginning of the fall and will be constantly updated

eFootball will publish on PC, PS5, PS4, XSX / S, Xbox One, iOS and Android early fall and constantly receive new content to increase your game modes, open your crossplay to more devices, activate new features, all this to try to satisfy its community by breaking with the business model of annual payment deliveries.

What do you think of Konami’s movement with eFootball?

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