Konami shocked video game fans today after announcing eFootball, a ftbol simulator what to launch free at the beginning of autumn to consoles, computers and mobile devices and that it also comes to replace Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), the historical saga of games with which many of the lovers of the ball have grown up.

The announcement of such a radical change has caught the community by surprise, which has received it with a mixture of sensations and a lot of doubts about questions that Konami has not yet answered and that we hope will do little by little during the months. next few weeks. In fact, one of the controversies focuses on the fear that we are facing a mobile game ported to consoles, something that Seitaro Kimura, one of the top managers of the saga, has rushed to deny clarifying that eFootball It has been developed first in consoles to later adapt it to mobiles.

We continue doing the games on consoles first. Then we take that same experience and make it available to mobile devices. In other words, We are not making the game for mobiles, but working to make mobile games more like those on consoles“, Kimura comments in an interview with the IGN portal in which he insists the fans not to worry because”we have made great efforts to adapt the visual quality of the game to the hardware of each device“.

Unreal Engine, the new PES engine for its scalability

The Japanese developer also confesses in the same interview that precisely chose to switch to the Unreal Engine for scalability of the same, that is, for the facilities it offers when scaling the games to different versions, from PS5 to PS4 or mobile devices.

This is why we chose Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine’s development speed is one of the fastest among game engines and its scalability includes both high-end and low-end, making it perfect for mobile and next-gen platforms.“, remarca Kimura.

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