EarthBound is one of the most acclaimed and remembered SNES games, a tremendously unique and special JRPG that did not leave anyone indifferent, offering us an extravagant adventure full of unexpected surprises and madness of all kinds while he turned the usual conventions of the genre. Since its launch in 1994 it has rained a lot and over a quarter of a century has passed, now lots of new secrets have been discovered about him.

A work of archeology of the video game

To explain these new discoveries well, we first need some context. In 2018, Marcus Lindblom, a former Nintendo of America employee and responsible for translating the EarthBound script into English, discovered among his belongings a floppy disk that was used during the localization process of the game.. Unfortunately, I had deleted the corresponding files with the title a long time ago, so I donated the disk to Video Game History Foundation.

What the floppy was hiding

Since then, Rich Whitehouse has been working on recovering those deleted files, including all those corresponding to the entire script of this adventure. At this point you are probably wondering what exactly has been discovered in these documents now that they have finally been recovered. As a quick summary the following things have been found: scenes and conversations that were never used in the final version, ideas and game mechanics that were discarded in the early stages of its development and even comments from the different members of the team that worked on it.

If you are interested in delving into all this, We encourage you to take a look at the video published by the Video Game History Foundation itself (You have it at the beginning of this news item), where they go over almost half an hour all the discoveries they have made and that are unknown about the game. You also have it detailed in detail on its own website.

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