Electronic Arts has registered a patent who has the goal extend the duration of game sessions of players using a invisible dynamic difficulty system for the user. The document of this “Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment” was sent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO, for its acronym in English) in October 2020 and published in that agency on March 25, they report from GameSpot.

patent EA difficulty

The 34 pages of the documentation show schematics and descriptions of how to work a system that will serve for games of computer, consoles and mobile devices. The video game will be able to adjust the difficulty taking into account, on the one hand, the player skill level, and on the other, the desired duration (by company, not user) game session.

The program separate the players into different groups according to their ability, who are assigned a difficulty imperceptible by the user to keep them playing for a longer time; describe it as a “automatic and granular difficulty adjustment”. “Software developers often want their software to hook users for as long as possible,” the patent can read.

patent ea difficulty

“Often, games that are too difficult or too easy make the user less enjoyable. Consequently, the user is likely to play the title less. “Therefore, the system studies the player’s habits to”generate a game retention prediction model that predicts an indication of the expected duration of the game “with which later “The difficulty level of the video game could be automatically adjusted”.

The dynamic difficulty has come using in video games for years, although with different systems and intentions. Resident Evil 4 I already had her, like him God Hand which was also directed by Shinji Mikami. In fact, it was advertised as one of the star functions of Left 4 Dead, that your Director’s AI adjusted the zombie waves and their intensity according to the events of the game.

patent ea difficulty

Registered patents are not always used

How is it we remember every time we talk about a patent, its registration does not mean that the company will use it in the future. This same year there have been numerous discussions about video game patents, specifically about the registration of game mechanics, after Warner Bros. managed to patent the Nmesis system from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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