EA Play Live It will be held this same July 22 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time): it will last 40 minutes and will focus on games that “will be released soon” on the market, as may be the case of Battlefield 2042. This last feature makes Titles dedicated to the Star Wars saga are left out of the event. Rather, EA seems to be looking to the next year when it comes to sharing more details on these projects. Nor will they be present Mass Effect 4 Y Dragon Age 4.

EA Play Live: Nothing to say about Star Wars this year

“We will not show any new Star Wars games on EA Play Live on July 22”, were the words that the company shared on its official Twitter account. Given the ravages caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the video game sector, it is acceptable to think that the advances that have been made in titles such as Star Wars or the aforementioned BioWare games have not been enough to show the titles.

However, it seems that developers will take advantage of these months to fully step on the accelerator and work to shape the different games that have skipped this year’s EA Play Live. In other words: in 2022 it seems that we will have news. “We all hope to celebrate with you next year when we share our vision of this galaxy far, far away!“, EA pointed out in his tweet. So, for now, we have to wait.

Star Wars for 2022

By the words of EA we could distill that one or two announcements related to the galactic saga are expected for next year. We know that Respawn may be starting work on the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, based on recent hires from the development team. We may also receive some news from a future Star Wars Battlefront… although it seems like he SAYS to be very busy paying attention to Battlefield 2042, title that debuts this October 22 on PC and consoles.

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