EA Play Live It will be held this July 22 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), providing players with information about the upcoming releases of Electronic Arts. The firm wanted to reveal more information about the planning of this event, indicating two main issues: last 40 minutes, and be focused on games that are “coming out soon”. That is why titles like Mass Effect 4 O Dragon Age 4 will not be present at this appointment, as confirmed by BioWare. On the contrary, we will receive more information about Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends and other sports titles that EA has prepared. Also They have detailed the calendar of the different programs that will take place before culminating with EA Play Live.

EA Play Live: Paving the way for upcoming EA releases

“The main show brings true excitement, focusing on the games coming out soon rather than in the very distant future, “EA Marketing Director David Tinson said Thursday, introducing the outline for EA Play Live.” The show is fast-paced, last about 40 minutes and count on what’s next for games like Battlefield 2042 Y Apex Legends. You will also see the first gameplay of Lost in Random, with explosive dice battles, time-freezing tactics, and card collection. “

That being, broadly speaking, the content that we can expect from this next EA Play Live. However, it seems that there will also be room for the odd surprise: “We will have a couple more games that we will highlight as well but, for those, you will only have to wait to see them “, Tinson also pointed out. In this sense, it is clear that projects such as Mass Effect 4 Y Dragon Age 4, who are taking their first steps in the development process, are discarded from this programming.

EA Play Live to focus on games that are ‘coming out soon’

One of those surprises that could be revealed at the event could be “a complete remake” from Dead Space, which aims to be in development at the EA Motive offices. Today we have learned, in fact, that EA aims to mark a Capcom and wants to do the same thing that has been done with Resident Evil recently: update the original deliveries providing a better graphic section and the implementation of updated mechanics.

In addition, EA has detailed the different programs which will take place as an aperitif before the final event on July 22. We leave you the calendar and the content below, so that you do not miss a detail (the hours are indicated according to the Spanish peninsular time directly):

EA Programs for the Month of July – Calendar

  • July 8 at 7:00 p.m. – DICE and Respawn will talk about Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends and the FPS at a general level in The Future of First-Person Shooters.
  • July 13 at 7:00 p.m. – A panel focused on independent studios collaborating with EA. We will see Josef Fares from Hazelight (It Takes Two), Olov Redmalm de Zoink (Lost in Random), and Guha Bala de Velan (Knockout City).
  • July 19 at 5:00 p.m. – A panel dedicated to Madden NFL 22, focused on how the community is collaborating to shape the next installment in the series.
  • July 20 at 7:00 p.m. – This space will “highlight an extremely cool new addition to an extremely popular and long-running EA Sports franchise.”

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