Electronic Arts’ Motive Studios will have canceled their big project Gaia, but they have a project that the players will be excited about. So at least Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti reveal during the GamesBeat Decides podcast when it comes to the subject of the team’s next game, which recently released. Star Wars: Squadrons -previously collaborated in the campaign of Star Wars Battlefront 2-. The team is asked about the future of the studio and both Grubb and Minotti say they know the game they develop, but that it is not the time to give the information: Minotti says it’s an established license, while Grubb thinks it will cheer up fans.

Dead Space, Before Hell, Mirror’s Edge, ms Star Wars? Electronic Arts has a lot of sagas on hold or on hiatus so it’s hard to know which one he means, especially if EA plans to revive an old game. The horror saga Dead Space has found a spiritual successor in The Callisto Protocol by the creator of the original -Glen Schofield- to arrive in 2022, while Mirror’s Edge had a sequel in 2016 with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst that it did not achieve the expected commercial success.

EA works on more Star Wars games

In any case, Electronic Arts continue to exploit the license of Star Wars despite Disney allowing new publishers to launch their games set in this universe. The sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems safe, Battlefront -even with the controversy of the button boxes- it triumphed and in total EA entered more than 3000 million dollars thanks to the agreement. Just the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes contributed 1 billion dollars.

“We have created several great sagas: Star Wars: Caballeros de la Antigua Repblica, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and more recently Star Wars Squadrons“said Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts.” Since we have established these strong parts of the saga, you can expect us to continue investing in them as well as some new cross-platform experiences in the future“.

EA y Star Wars

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