Cobertura E3 2021

The conference Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase of E3 2021 will take place next sunday June 13 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time.) In the video inserted below you can follow her live. The team of Vandal start an hour and a half earlier, at 17:30, to comment on the expected announcements and all those that may come from Xbox Game Studios, where recently all Bethesda teams like id Software, Arkane, MachineGames and others were included.

Halo Infinite, Starfield and many rumored games

The official poster of the event makes clear at least two of the games that we will see. Halo Infinite, the 343 Industries shooter game to hit late 2021 to Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC; in particular, it seems that we will see details of its free multiplayer mode. The other title is Starfield, the game of spatial role from Bethesda Game Studios, the makers of Fallout 4 Y The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

However, the 23 firms under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella have a lot on the spit. A representative illustration of the mix of Xbox and Bethesda universes previewed some of the possible announcements that we will see: Psychonauts 2 from Double Fine Studios, the rumored sequel to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus from Machine Games, something related to Battletoads and news about Sea of Thieves.

It is foreseeable to know news in the catalog and / or in the operation of the service of Xbox Game Pass. Also, during the last months there has been rumored the announcement of a Forza Horizon 5 that will arrive before the next one Forza Motorsport, which has entered the closed and secret testing phase for part of the community and from which we can see a gameplay in the event.

There are many other candidates: a The Outer Worlds 2 Obsidian Entertainment, the appearance of Avowed from the same study, an open-world cooperative triple-A named Project Typhoon, a teaser from Project Dragon from IO Interactive and even Arkane’s next project, Omen. We will have to wait for the event to know how much truth there is in these rumors, but Microsoft has promised the “Biggest and Best Games Catalog” from an Xbox Conference at E3.

The third parties will make their appearance and it is confirmed that we will see the first gameplay new Battlefield 2042. And of course Xbox Game Pass will have a major role in this event as several games will be announced for this service, such as Back 4 Blood Y Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and surely many more.

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