E3 2021 promises to be one of the most exciting conferences in recent years, since last year it could not be held due to the effects of the pandemic. The PC Gaming Show is one of the conferences that await us in the E3 2021, probably the most anticipated event by the community of gamers and lovers of videogames around the world. The conference will be held this Sunday June 13 at 11:30 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) through the official channels prepared for conferences and content creators. In addition to the confirmation of the time at which the event will take place, a preview has also arrived that details the conference plans.

The PC Gaming Show will have 90 minutes of videos, announcements and interviews

The conference of PC Gaming Show It is one of the last to be held throughout the day. The conference of Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will be held at 19: 00h, while that of Square Enix at 9:15 p.m.. According to the PC Gamer portal, the approximate duration of the event is expected to be around 90 minutes and, as in previous years, be focused on displaying titles for computers. In the hour and a half of the event, from PC Gamer they assure that as many advances have been included as possible, with a total of 39 videos, game announcements and developer interviews. In addition to the aforementioned details, the medium has also published a list that breaks down the contents that the event will have and that you will find below.

Programa parcial del PC Gaming Show 2021

  • Exclusive content, along with beta version and release information for Naraka Bladepoint.
  • Techland show Dying Light 2 Stay Human and take your first in-depth look at your main character Aiden and their internal motivation, as well as revealing more about the universe of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.
  • The first reveal of a new game of Cassette Games & Bulwark Studios.
  • Great news for Orcs Must Die!
  • New content from New Blood Interactive.
  • New gameplay for Hello Neighbor 2, new modes revealed for Rawmen and world premiere of a new title of TinyBuild.
  • A new advertisement for Pixelated Milk.
  • A reveal of the next game of Shiro Games.
  • SEGA and Amplitude Studios will make a major announcement and reveal of the long-awaited strategy game Humankind.
  • Exclusive content from All In! Games Y Chernobylite.
  • An advertisement for EVE Academy.
  • A new advertisement for Chivalry 2 from Torn Banner Studios.
  • NACON and Big Bad Wolf they will show a new trailer of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong.
  • An exclusive offer of GeForce NOW, the cloud gaming service of NVIDIA.
  • Other exciting undisclosed games.
  • A message from Valve on Steam.

In addition to the conference content listing, the PC Gaming Show will also feature exciting new content from: Frontier & Frontier Foundry, Hello Traveler, Tripwire Interactive, Humble Games, Ishtar Games, and Alawar Games. Finally, they promise to be the PC conference with the highest production levels ever created.

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