Gearbox Software, creators of the saga Borderlands, have taken control of their Twitter account to announce that in the E3 2021 they will have their own space. Your conference will be held next June 12 at 11:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). The announcement comes after we learned this week that they will be introducing a new game this June 10th. Next, we leave you with the tweet that the study has shared on its official account:

Gearbox prepares great announcements

The company Take-Two revealed last May that Gearbox was forging a new saga, which will be in charge of publishingbefore April 2022. No further details regarding this project were shared at that time, but s it has been pointed out that it is a new intellectual property, and not a remake or derivatives of your current games. Recall that this project was announced after Gearbox se fusionara con Embracer Group last April.

This new game from the studio, which will give rise to a new saga, is classified within Take-Two as a “immersive core” game: a category that refers to those titles with a “long-lived gameplay”, as is the case with Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption or the saga itself Borderlands. Meanwhile, the announcement of the project is expected to take place this June 10 during the Summer Game Fest 2021 under the slogan Be Chaotic Great.

On June 10 Gearbox and 2K Games will present their new game

“A new Gearbox and 2K adventure awaits you!”, write Geoff Keighley, main organizer of the Summer Game Fest 2021. Some voices point out that this new game could be an adventure title starring Tiny Tina (or Tina Chiquitina, as she is known in Spain, one of the most charismatic characters in Borderlands): it is said that the title of the project could be Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands or simply Wonderlands, two brands that Gearbox has registered in Europe.

At the moment, we have to wait until this week the new details of this project are revealed. We also remind you that Take-Two plans launch a total of 62 games between now and 2024.

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