Soon to start the E3 2021, an event that this year will be completely virtual and that It will be held from June 12 to 15 both on the main platforms of streaming as in a new online space that ESA, the fair’s organizing association, is designing for the occasion. To safeguard the safety of attendees, the organization has marked a series of forbidden words that could be vetoed in the streamings officers.

It has been a ResetEra user who has noticed the existence of this list and has drawn attention to some terms included in it: the most common bad words are reflected in it, but also other strangers such as “Canad” or “black president”, as multiple religious terms such as “Al”, “God”, “Christ”, “judo” or “Corn” and Internet expressions such as “omg” or “Trump train”. These words will be prohibited in any space in which users can issue messages, such as the virtual booths of the attending companies.

Logo del E3 2021.

Many of these words are commonly used in Internet spaces dominated by the extreme right, as explained by the ResetEra user who has come up with this list. “Canada”, for example, would have been registered here because there is a tendency among racist groups in the United States to use the term ‘Canadian’ to refer to black people in a derogatory way.

ESA explains that it is a “checklist”

After knowing the leak of this list, which appears in the internal code of the official page of E3 2021, ESA has contacted some media to explain that this is a provisional selection that they have taken directly from a software third party security. In principle, as they say in the statement, this will be a test list that has begun to be used on the official page but that could end up modified for the event.

If you want to know all the information of E3 2021, in Vandal we have compiled dates, times, assistant companies and everything you need to know in this article.

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