Developer Wanin Games and publisher Justdan International have announced Dusk Diver 2 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC -va Steam- to arrive this winter. Their first teaser has been released but there is no further information on this sequel to the action adventure with RPG touches that reached us in 2019.

Dusk Diver, at least the original, was a title that combined various ideas seen in the saga Person Y Akiba’s Trip combined with a combat system that can remind the musou by Omega Force. His story presents the usual “invisible world” for most of the population but instead of recreating the streets of a neighborhood like Akihabara it focuses on Ximending, a shopping area in Taipi. There a young woman will witness this strange dimension with the typicals of other RPGs: a war between Good and Evil that converges in this place at specific times.

You fight against a multitude of enemies

Entering these rifts means starting the dungeons in the alternate world with a simple combat system of combos and finishers, the option to summon partners and use special attacks. Enemy waves appear with dozens of rivals, not hundreds of a musou, but I know a lot more than most beat’em up or ARPG. Despite his good ideas, we point out that “it becomes repetitive and does not finish working as an action game, even without entering hateful comparisons with monsters the size of Devil May Cry V: is inferior to the playability of Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal or one of the last Fate / Extella“.

Apparently Dusk Diver 2 keep betting for an aesthetic cel-shading which, in our opinion, worked well with the first game although it prevented it from showing a more original style.

Dusk Diver 2 announced on consoles and PC

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