Dota: Dragon Blood will have a second season on Netflix. The animated series is inspired by Valve’s MOBA is underway, although it has no estimated date for its premiere. “A brave Dragon Knight must use the power of the beast within him to stop a lethal demon in this pica fantasy,” reads the description of this series that debuted in Spain last month.

The series would have achieved enough success to continue its adventures, but the truth is that This time there was no positive effect on the number of players in Dota 2. While The Witcher with Henry Cavill he multiplied the sales of The Witcher 3 554%, the number of game players Dota 2 in March it fell slightly compared to February – from 404,000 players to 390,000.

Animation is the work of Studio MIR, name that sounds to fans of series like The Legend of Korra O Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Castlevania will soon release its fourth and final season

Netflix also recently announced that the Castlevania come to an end on May 13 with its fourth season, closing the story arc that began in 2017. However, fans of the Konami saga will be delighted to hear that the media is reporting a new production set in the same universe and that could be carried out by new characters, although we do not know whether to bet on animation again or a series of real images is being considered.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the series based on the survival horror Capcom with CGI graphics, will be released in july. It stars Leon and Claire, protagonists of Resident Evil 2.

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