DOOM Eternal I was going to get a free Invasion mode soon, but id Software today announced its decision to cancel the development of this new content for reasons related to the coronavirus pandemic: ” unpredictable consequences of the pandemic and remote work have impacted on the development of this addition “, they say in a statement published in their official Twitter account. Instead, the studio is now working on a new single-player hordes mode that offers “more of that challenge and diversity you expect from the game.”

What has not been affected by the pandemic is the update of the modo Battlemode, which is still in development for DOOM Eternal: “The team continues to work on an update to Battlemode that includes a more competitive structure based on rankings, some updates regarding gameplay and balance, and another new map.” About this new content we will have more news in the QuakeCon, which will be held next August.

id Software has not stopped working on the game, but from home

Who signs the statement that you can see inserted on these lines is Marty Stratton, Executive Producer of DOOM Eternal. In the text, also, take the opportunity to review the latest updates to the game’s content, such as the free patch with improvements next-gen on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, or the release of The Ancients Gods Parte 2 in March. Stratton also sends a message to the game’s development team, who he says is “incredibly hard to believe” that they haven’t seen each other in person since the release of this installment, having developed, tested and published all post-launch content working from home. .

On Vandal we take the opportunity to speak again about the virtues of DOOM Eternal when the second part of The Ancients Gods in March: “It gives us the opportunity to close a cycle through the front door, to enjoy again what for us is the best shooter of classic cut of the last years “, we said in our analysis.

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