Even if Donkey Kong reached its greatest fame during the 90s thanks to Rare games, the Nintendo saga has always had continuity on Nintendo consoles; the last released title is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, a version for Nintendo Switch of the WiiU game released in 2014. However the adventures of these characters are about to get a new boost with gameplay and animation, as reported by Zippo -which has been a reliable source in news related to Paper Mario: The Origami King Y Metroid Dread, among other titles-.

Already at the beginning of the year rumors circulated about a new game that would be developed this time by the same team of Super Mario Odyssey; Different sources gave credibility to the game although there were contradictions on a 3D or 2D / 2.5D platform. It was not announced during E3 2021, but Zippo reiterates that it is underway and goes further: be the next Nintendo license to gain weight with an animation -although we do not know if it will be a television series or a movie, such as Super Mario Bros. -, a new area in the Super Nintendo World parks, merchandising and the aforementioned game that would have been underway for three years with the intention of being a new beginning for the character.

Last May Zippo recalled that “it’s the 40th anniversary of the great ape and although I don’t know how Nintendo will celebrate it, there is a new 2D DK in development by EPD Tokyo. Retro is obviously busy with other things, so Nintendo has taken care of it herself to bring DK back as an internal saga. Don’t expect the Country name in the title, EPD Tokyo is not interested in making a sequel to games they haven’t made. Diddy, Cranky and the Kremling Krew should return in this installment. “

Game stars and numerous spin-offs

Though originating from the NES and Game Boy, Donkey Kong was reinvented by Rare in the mid-1990s for the Super Nintendo with a pre-rendered graphics set that spawned several sequels: Donkey Kong Country, followed by Donkey Kong 64 on Nintendo 64. Over the years it has received spin-offs such as Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Konga Y Mario vs. Donkey Kong, among others. Retro Studios was in charge of resurrecting this universe with Donkey Kong Country Returns, which had continuity with the aforementioned Tropical Freeze.

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