Donkey Kong is celebrating! The one who is considered one of the most legendary and iconic characters of Nintendo turns 40 today, a number not negligible. The character has enjoyed a wide variety of titles and adventures throughout these four decades and made its debut on July 9, 1981 hand in hand with the original Nintendo arcade in Japan. Interestingly, the most famous plumber in the world also had its early appearance in said recreational under the name of Mr Video, which was renamed as Jumpman a posteriori and in the end it was like Mario.

King Kong was a great inspiration to create the character

Donkey Kong was originally conceived by the maestro Shigeru Miyamoto, who is also responsible for the creation of other sagas that have marked the industry forever as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox it is included Pikmin. According to Miyamoto himself, King Kong was a great inspiration in developing his ideas for the character; not only in the physical aspect, but also for the role of antagonist. As you may well recall, Donkey himself was the main villain in his first appearance and had the damsel in distress, Pauline, in tow. The love triangle between Donkey Kong, Mr Video and Pauline it is a direct reference to Bluto, Popeye and Olivia of the comic strips of Popeye the Marine.

Related to this last one that we have commented, it is worth noting the fact that Nintendo tried to get the license of Popeye in order to develop a video game, although they finally did not succeed. Faced with the impossibility of obtaining the rights, from Big N they sat at the design table to create their own original characters and the rest is history. The future of Donkey Kong It is uncertain, although there are certain rumors that point to several interesting projects related to the license. The team behind Super Mario Odyssey could be developing the new installment since from Retro Studios, authors of the saga Donkey Kong Country, they are working on Metroid Prime 4. The character may also receive a new TV series or movie, although it is yet to be seen. What are your best memories with Donkey Kong over the years?

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